Design trends to watch for in 2016

Monochrome logotypes and big images on websites have become almost standard. What we’re seeing now is that brands are tweaking this convention in small ways in order to differentiate themselves. We’re also seeing the types of designs typically used for smaller screens like smartphones start to spill over onto the web. In light of this, here are some design trends we expect to see in 2016.

lllustrations instead of photos

We’re moving away from the use of images. The trend is toward more animations, illustrations and Cinemagraphs (photos with movement that offer the benefits of a static image). We also expect to see an increased use of patterns and graphical elements.


Brand distinction with type design

With Google Fonts designers don’t have to use the same dated, web-compatible fonts anymore. The web will likely see a wide range of new fonts, but also a revival of some of the old classics like Adobe Caslon and Garamond. We will probably also see some tweaking of well-used fonts like Gotham.


Bold colors

Color can be an important marketing tool. The trend is toward rich, bold 80s-style colors. Along with patterns, bold colors are expected to be the strongest trend for graphic design in 2016.


Unique logos

We believe we can expect more distinctive and personal wordmarks with custom-designed unique fonts. The somewhat simple logos that are common today will also feature one or two more colors.

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