Paradigm Insights #2: Building a winning team through shared value and engagement

– A discussion with Håkan Mild, soccer icon, and Andreas Herngren, expert in leadership and organizational development

PDGM Insights is our new series of thought-provoking discussions on branding. We just hosted our second event with two special guests: Håkan Mild and Andreas Herngren. Håkan Mild is a former professional soccer player who became sports director of the team IFK Göteborg, one of the strongest brands in Swedish club soccer. Andreas Herngren was Head of HR at Volvo until he left to pursue his dream: helping organizations grow through human-focused leadership. 

In a discussion with Paradigm’s CEO and branding expert Thomas von Krusenstjerna they talked about their experiences from their respective careers. The discussion centered on creating success through shared values and engagement. Here are the main takeaways from the discussion.

Increase engagement through shared value

In simple terms, you could say that organizations that implement a shared value platform have a greater chance of success because they align the leadership goals with those of the individual. When individuals get to “share” in the value the organization creates it helps them feel more valued in their roles, which also naturally makes them feel more engaged.

“I believe that to create and lead a dream team that meets its objectives, you need to engage people, and that can only happen when people feel appreciated and know how their specific skills can make a difference.” – A. Herngren

Measure engagement – not satisfaction

Organizations are moving away from measuring stakeholder satisfaction to measuring engagement. Brands already do this with consumers every day on social media – they try to create an emotional connection in order to increase loyalty. The same principle should apply to employees and team members. Satisfaction alone isn’t good enough because it isn’t tied to growth. Engagement, on the other hand, is closely linked to higher productivity and better results. It is also a key ingredient in creating brand ambassadors. 

“When we scored bronze at the World Cup in 1994, I think the key to our success was engagement. There was a great team spirit, and role acceptance, and every single one of the players trying to do their very best.” – H. Mild

Implement a strategy based on core values

People are your most valuable asset. Support them and give them opportunities to get to know each other better, trust one another more, and work on something greater than their own contribution. Money can’t be the only motivator to drive the company or team forward. There needs to be a deeper sense of meaning. And an implemented strategy based on the core values that will make sure everybody works toward the same goal.

Careers in brief

Håkan Mild

Current Sports Director of IFK Göteborg, won gold in both the Swedish Championships and the Swedish cup (’13)

Soccer star – Center midfielder for Trollhättan FK, IFK Göteborg, Servette, Real Sociedad, Wimbledon.

  • Gold in the Swedish Championships (’90, ’91, ’93, ’95 and ’96)
  • Gold in the Swedish cup (’91)
  • Bronze in the World Cup (’94)
  • Gold in the Swiss Super League (’94)
  • Bronze in La Liga (’98)

Andreas Herngren

  • Owner and Founder of Deploy: Team development and Individual Coaching by “medarbetarskap” (2010–Present)
  • HR Director at Volvo, departments include Volvo AB, Volvo IT, and Volvo Trucks (2001–2010)

After the event, we asked the participants: What are the most prioritized areas of improvement in your organization?*


"Making sure everybody feels comfortable and included"

"Implementing our value platform"

"Realizing employee potential"

 "Increasing engagement"

"Being more courageous and embracing change"


*The results are based on a survey that was sent out to the participants after the event.

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