Building the new Arjo brand

A brand new Arjo

Arjo (previously part of Getinge) is a global supplier of medical devices operating in more than 60 countries. When Paradigm was asked to revitalize the Arjo brand with a new identity, we were proud to take on the task. 

We got to work translating their promise, mission, vision and values into a new expression that would engage both customers and employees. 

The challenge

Create an audience-focused identity and get everybody on board

When Arjo became an independent company, they needed a clear, audience-focused identity that reflected their brand promise “With people in mind.” The project’s scope included designing a new logotype, creating a tone of voice, and tools for supporting the implementation of the new identity. The goal was to shape the perception of the company and the people behind it. 

The solution

The first step was to get to know the client, the competition and the market even better. After laying a solid foundation, we began developing the different elements that together would create a compelling and consistent brand experience.  


New logotype

Using the original Arjo logotype as inspiration, we designed a new logotype with soft curves and geometric shapes, representing a contemporary brand that pledges value without ever compromising on quality.

New logotype

New logotype


New color scheme

Arjo corporate blue, light blue, white and two purple hues are the main colors of the Arjo brand. They were chosen because they convey trust, warmth and professionalism. To broaden the palette and heighten visual interest, we have also added a palette of warm grays as secondary colors.


New imagery: Reflecting Arjo's brand promise

The new image tonality presents Arjo as a compassionate and progressive brand centered on a passion for human care and well-being. The images have a natural feel, conveying authentic people and real emotion. 

Old image tonality

Old image tonality

New image tonality

New image tonality

New tone-of-voice: the people behind the brand


The new tone of voice gives an impression of what it is like to do business with Arjo. Like a trusted friend or colleague, Arjo is always relevant, direct and compassionate in their communications.

    Making it stick