What is a communication strategy?

Communication strategy translates business goals into communicative goals

By defining key target audiences, potential messaging and distribution models, it helps you and your organization communicate effectively and ensures that core organisational objectives are met.  

Why is a communication strategy important? 

Everyone knows that great relationships lead to great business results. And marketing communications are a vital ingredient in building any relationship. To be successful, you need to understand your audience’s decision-making process. Only then can you provide them with the content that will convert them into partners.

With a communication strategy in place, you’ll be able to optimize your organizational structure, processes and planning. This helps you to consistently and coherently communicate:

  • The right type of content

  • To the right audience

  • At the right time

  • Through the right channels


How we do it

We use a model based on the success factors that we have identified in the world’s most high-performing brands. Every assignment proceeds through the same series of carefully designed steps founded on observation, investigation and methodical testing. We call it observe, think, and elevate.

process-commmunication strategy.jpg

Consider a communication
strategy when... 

  • Your communication objectives aren’t in line with your business objectives
  • Your communication objectives aren’t meeting your expectations
  • Sales and marketing aren’t working seamlessly together
  • You have a brand strategy in place
  • You’re starting a new company or division
  • There’s a reorganization within your company



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