Does your brand’s visual identity express its values?

We are visual beings. We respond faster emotionally to what we see than to what we hear, touch, smell, or taste. Which is why your brand’s visual identity is so important. As the face of your brand, it has the power to create a strong emotional bond with your customers. But how do you know when the design is right? When it uniquely and memorably expresses your brand’s values.

And that’s why your brand’s values are always our starting point. We create purpose-driven design to ensure that your brand’s visual identity will convey its personality in a way that sets it apart from the competition, and will give it the ability to evolve and stay relevant over time. 


When to update your
brand expression

A brand expression project could include a new or updated visual identity with colors, typefaces, logotype and tone of voice in images and copy. It could also be a concept for a flagship store or a reseller environment. Or it could be applying your visual identity to printed office materials, ads, brochures, the web, a brand film, 3D environments and digital tools.

How we do it

We use a model based on the success factors that we have identified in the world’s most high-performing brands. Every assignment proceeds through the same series of carefully designed steps founded on observation, investigation and methodical testing. We call it observe, think, and elevate.

process-design and brand expression.jpg

Contact us when...

  • You want to give your small company or start-up the appearance
    of a bigger company
  • You’ve recently updated your brand platform and you need to
    align your visual identity with it (or you don’t have a visual identity)
  • Your brand expression needs to be updated for digital media
  • A merger or acquisition is redefining your brand
  • New brands are being incorporated under your brand
  • You want to create new or evaluate existing visual guidelines



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