What is naming?

Naming is the art of attaching a written or verbal identity to a particular product, service or organisation.

This can apply to a category, or something that is stand-alone. A name can be straightforward, abstract, literal or fantasy depending on how strategic it is for your business and how ”loud” you want or need to be. 


Why naming?

Names have a job to do. Getting it right is important as great names can:

  • Build long-term brand equity

  • Establish familiarity and relationship

  • Clarify your position

  • Boost awareness

  • Facilitate brand extension

  • Support sales

When to consider naming

Launching new products or services

Names are product marketing. The names we choose for our offerings should close the gap between what’s unique about the offering and what customers should expect from your brand.

Starting a new company or division

Company names must be sustainable. This means they work well across cultures, can withstand changes in business strategy, and align well with the brand vision.

Renaming a company, a product or a service

Whether it’s companies, products or services, renaming is always disruptive – both internally and externally – and the reasons for renaming vary. However, renaming can be precisely what’s needed to rejuvenate something special. 

Mergers, Acquisitions & Spin-Offs

With all the detail work associated with mergers, acquisitions and spinoffs, naming can help bring a new level of clarity - largely because good naming strategies always begin with in-depth research and due diligence. 

How we do it

Like most brand consultants, we have a well-established naming process that we use. In some cases we follow it to the point and in some cases we don’t – it all depends on your needs, requirements and expectations. However, our process has 3 main sections that we focus on:


When to contact us

Naming can be tricky and we are here to help. Contact us when…

  • You need names for new products and services

  • Your current naming strategy or structure isn’t quite connecting with target customers

  • Your current naming approach doesn’t fully support today’s way of communicating

  • You need to simplify or clarify your complete portfolio of products and services

  • You’re starting a new company or division that needs a name

  • A merger or acquisition is re-defining your brand or branded offering


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