There is a tremendous amount of hype surrounding what 5G will bring to the market. The industry’s biggest brands all know this and recognize that their reputations are riding on how well they’ll deliver. The truth is that with just 2 years left until 5G is introduced to the public, there still are quite few significant (gaping) technological holes.

Enter Gapwaves, a small startup from Göteborg, Sweden with a revolutionary technology that’s about to fill the biggest hole of them all. 


5G is run on antennas. Gapwaves holds the key.

Gapwaves is a small startup from Göteborg, Sweden with a revolutionary antenna technology, and it’s exactly what all of the major players have been missing. With just two years to go until 5G gets introduced to the public, there is no time to waste. Now is the perfect time to reveal their people, their solutions and their brand to the world. 


The challenge

To give a promising start-up tech company an identity that reflects who they are today and the industry leading brand they are about to become.

When Gapwaves first approached us they were a small unknown start-up entering an extremely competitive arena. With countless brands to contend with, getting the attention they deserved would be no easy task. And once they got it, they needed to make the right impression. 

They wanted to launch their brand – to get the word out. But to get there they first needed to define it– get the foundation in place.  And most importantly to present themselves in the best light; as the company they would become. Rather than as the start-up they once were.

We were thrilled to take on the challenge of giving Gapwaves an identity they could be proud of. Our journey would begin by defining a brand purpose, vision and values representing the heart and soul of their company – a brand platform. And continue with a visual presentation that captures all of this perfectly. 


The solution

The result is a timeless and engaging identity that expresses the progressiveness, professionalism and openness of their people. And the flexibility, reliability and sophistication of their innovations. 



The main feature of Gapwaves’ new logotype is based on the very thing that makes their core product unique - a gap. By removing selected parts of the letter G in Gapwaves, we bring their actual solution (product) into the logotype concept in a subtle and sophisticated way. The curved portion of the G symbolizes a network signal being sent from the angular portion of the G; a simple conceptualization of the core product – a wall mounted antenna.

To ensure messaging has the best chance of coming through clearly, we selected a modern and progressive sans-serif typeface for a clean, visible and fluid impression.



We introduced a two-tier color system with both primary and secondary colors. The dominant primary color is a purple based on their original brand color, although adapted to a deeper and more crisp tone. The secondary colors were chosen to give a modern impression and are mainly intended for accenting purposes. Secondary colors play a large role in the design of their infographics.


Graphic Element

The two parts of the element (G) can be worked with in different ways to create an interesting and useful graphic element. Its flexible design creates opportunities for adaptation and creativity, while maintaining a consistent look and feel.


Image tonality

It’s in the image tonality that we had a significant opportunity to convey the more personal and human side of the brand. The overall concept is to capture wireless experiences from a range of perspectives – from the very personal to that of society as a whole.

The ”antenna’s perspective”, where we use images from an aerial (drone), conveys Gapwaves’ products, solutions and messages from a wider societal point-of-view.

Combining this perspective with a contrast in focus conveys a sense of control. Clear, pure, focal points symbolize what their antennas actually solve for customers.

And finally, closing in and capturing peoples’ everyday wireless experiences conveys that they ”get” the big picture and know exactly who they are doing this for.  Gapwaves believes that everyone deserves access to the best wireless experience that today’s, and tomorrow’s technology has to offer.

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