Senab: Creating space for big ideas

Senab is one of Scandinavia’s leading suppliers of furnishings for public spaces. And as part of the Edsbyn Senab Group they represent all the major furniture, design and interior decor brands in the industry. When Paradigm was asked to revitalize their brand with a new identity, we were thrilled to take on the task. 


the Challenge

When Senab gathered all their departments under one brand, they needed a clear identity that would get everybody on board. The goal was to shape the perception of the company and the people behind it.

We got to work defining the soul of the brand – their purpose, mission, vision and values – and gave them a new expression that would engage both customers and employees.


The solution

The first step was to get to know the client, the competition and the market even better. After laying a solid foundation, we began developing the different elements that together would create a compelling and consistent brand experience. The result is a timeless and engaging identity that expresses Senab’s creativity and innovativeness as well as the sophistication of their products and services. 



Drawing inspiration from the clean shapes and airy feel of the original Senab logotype, we designed a new logotype with geometric shapes representing a modern, innovative brand.


New color scheme

Black and white are the main colors of the Senab brand. They were chosen because they give designs a clean, modern look and work well with photos. To highlight Senab’s creativity and attention to detail we have also added an orange accent color. Finally, to broaden the palette we have added four warm grays as secondary colors and a seasonal color palette as well.


New imagery: Reflecting Senab’s new purpose

The new image tonality presents Senab as a modern and progressive brand centered on innovation that puts people front and center. The images have a natural feel, conveying authentic people and real emotion. The overall concept is designed to capture Senab’s mission “To create space for big ideas.”



The grid is designed to represent the room and is made up of squares, each representing 1 m2. Design elements can be rearranged within these squares, just like furniture. The grid, which can serve as either positive or negative space, is a dynamic tool for designing everything from magazine covers and ads to store windows and vehicles.


Graphic element

The graphic element reflects Senab’s creativity, and the negative space in the letters symbolizes “Space for big ideas.” These “building blocks” can be combined in numerous different ways or used individually, and they can be filled with any Senab color.



Thought-provoking abstract patterns based on the graphic elements will appear on surfaces such as frosted glass and walls in Senab’s offices. These patterns are designed to inspire creativity among employees and visitors alike.

business_cards (kopia).jpg
business_cards (kopia).jpg
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